Wednesday, 24 June 2009

What makes an art photograph?

, originally uploaded by Sarah Craig.

This is the main issue I have at the moment. I take wedding and performance pictures and I have a lot of images now but why do I never look at them and wonder if there's a gallery piece in there somewhere?

Because photographs are taken for a specific purpose does that mean they should only be used for that purpose?

Why can't I create a series of images taken from my theatre work for exhibition? And more importantly, why when i'm taking the images for one purpose, can't I look around and take others for a different purpose. Maybe my theatre series can start to include behind the scenes images, filling in the whole picture as it were. This is certainly something i'm passionate about and it should therefore crossover easily into my art work.

Monday, 22 June 2009

Starting blogging

This is my first post in my first blog inspired by Redeye's National Photography Symposium.

Although this is mainly a test post I would like to outline a Statement of Intent:

  • My blog will help me explore my needs as a photographer.
  • It will push me to analyse my own work and therefore drive it forward.
  • It will help me discover what I want to photograph and then help me get the message of my photography out.
  • It will help me take part in the discourse about photograher's issues and other photographer's work.

There's probably more but this is a good start!