Monday, 20 July 2009

Wedding Number 6- Done!

It's been a manic few days but on Thursday I was in Westerham (4 hours away!) photographing wedding number 6. It was a really lovely day but typically the first wedding I do where the bride isn't bothered about things running to time, was the first wedding I couldn't stretch my time as I came back to Manchester straight after. So at 10pm I pursuaded the bride to cut the cake and these are the final pictures rather than dancing. I wonder what time the first dance actually happened?! I've got a good selection of images from this wedding but, even though we had a lot of photographing time, the images aren't my best (in my opinion). Other people can give their opinion when I finally get round to editing them, which will hopefully be Wednesday, unless the feeling in my toe doesn't come back in which case i'll be at the docs! :)

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