Thursday, 22 October 2009

Photographing Tom: Getting on with my MA Final Project

Today I met my good friend Tom in central Manchester to discuss what aspects of his personality he would like to see in a portrait of himself.

This is all part of my final project for my MA Creative Technology at Salford Uni which i've been talking about since February but am only now getting round to doing something about- oops. You have my permission to nag me about it if nothing seems to happen again for a long time after this post!

My project is called Still Moving and, in a simplified explanation, is a series of portraits that incorporate one still image with a moving one (playing on a digital photoframe) to give a better sense of character than a standard portrait.

I need to work closely with my subjects to ensure I capture them in a way that feels real to them, however my subjects are also going to be people I know well already to make the whole process more effective.

So Tom,
He wanted to take me to a spot near Canal Street that he thought would make a good location and interestingly it was a dark, dirty spot he took me too. Yes, Tom has a side that could suit this location, but is that the best choice? I took him back to the main drag and took this image which, although lovely, is too far the other way (no character/unreal):


So we went for a coffee and chatted about Tom's personality and how we can show that visually.

To cut a long post short, the final plan is the still image as below, but at dusk, so darkness with the lights of Canal Street in top left of the image, the right hand side of the image will be Tom laughing naturally (hopefully, I know he doesn't like this image!) lit in a filmic style, and bottom left is where the 7" photoframe goes. Plan for the moving image is a dance routine in a theatrical environment- something Tom loves doing and should work visually very well!


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