Sunday, 24 January 2010

New Website (ish)

I've been pretty annoyed with my website for sometime now as I know it doesn't have the right image for my current aims, however I cannot make redesigning it a priority at the moment.

So my temporary, stop-gap as it were, solution is a new front page containing the collage below which I spent all afternoon making! To me this new page gives a much stronger impression of what my style and motivations are. It is also better coded, which is important to me as I claim to know a thing or two about web design!

If it doesn't work for you, your comments are much appreciated. As always my main page is at




  1. lovely collage Sarah! For what it's worth, I'd suggest seperating the 2 pictures of Mae and Ada as the eye is drawn to those two, and thier family resemblance, as opposed to seeing the collage as a whole! x x

  2. I meant it intentionally as an anchor to draw the eye to the middle, otherwise I felt it was too random. But I can have another play if that's not working!