Sunday, 14 March 2010

New Self Portrait- Website Development

I really, really don't like pictures of myself! I can see beauty in almost all scenes, but not if i'm it, I just hate it.

But I need a good picture of myself for my new 'about me' page and many other things.

So yesterday I set up my home studio kit, put Chris in position, got everything perfect and then swapped with him.

It was very stressful for me (yes, now I know how it feels!) and out of about 60 pictures I liked 3.

Here is the 'chosen' image although I had to crop it portrait to look better with the text. If you fancy giving my new 'blurb' a read that'd be great, it's so hard to know how to sell yourself, although i'm reading a book about that at the moment.



  1. Great blog for the photographer...
    Thanks a lot:)

  2. Looking beautiful image . I like your post .