Saturday, 27 March 2010

Salford Uni Nursing Graduation Ball at the Worsley Marriott

It's late so i'll be brief but I wanted to post after the ball because i'm photographing every day this weekend and want to keep on top of the blogging!

So i've just photographed my second ever Graduation Ball. It was for Salford University's Nursing course.

The organisers wanted every graduate to get a photograph, be it on their own or with guests or friends. So every ticket had a photograph which meant I knew exactly what to expect and could plan accordingly.

I really like this approach- if you're planning a ball and want to offer photography services include it in your ticket price rather than giving your guests the option to buy on the night. This leaves everyone with a lovely reminder and also means you can guarantee a certain number of images to negotiate a better deal with your photographer!

I had a fun evening guys so thank you, the pictures will be online to purchase from my photobox gallery asap. The below pictures are of the lovely Kevin who organised my being there this evening and the largest group!

I now have in my possession for the weekend a nikon D700. I didn't use it tonight because I needed to know exactly what I was doing the the quick turn around of a ball but i'm planning on having some fun with this special camera tomorrow.


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