Sunday, 11 April 2010

Experiements with a Light Scoop- Bex's Hen Do

5 weeks ago I went on a friend's hen do to Centre Parcs wanting to achieve some nice portraits using available light. I used my D80 on ISO1600 with my favourite portrait lens that goes down to f1.8 but still the images were too dark!

This weekend I've just got back from a hen do in London and between the two hen do's I discovered a devise called a Light Scoop which you can get shipped from America that is perfect for mid level cameras like my D80 (there was no way I was lugging the D700 to London but if I did there wouldn't have been a problem with available light, see Mark and Hannah's wedding preview!).

The Light Scoop is a bit of plastic with a mirror in it that you slip over the on camera flash turning it from a horrid, unflattering light to a beautiful soft, diffused light by bouncing it off the walls around you. To find out more visit their website. I highly recommend this attachment if you love photographing portraits, hate carrying loads of heavy equipment and have a mid level camera like a nikon D60/70/80 or a canon 350/400 etc.

So to the results, I didn't even blog the other hen do because the pictures were so bad but I really hope you'll like these.

Here is the hen in question looking lovely before any alcohol was consumed followed by the always beautiful Emily. Both shots taken in a really dark restaurant with curved brick ceilings.

Bex Hen Do  002

Bex Hen Do  001

This next sequence of images are from the Absolut Ice Bar

Bex Hen Do  003

Bex Hen Do  004

Bex Hen Do  005

Even with the Light Scoop I have to use all the lowest light settings so really I should've had a two person maximum per image otherwise no one would be in focus! However even though there are limitations with the lens it really does produce beautiful portraits. My final images are from the disco cruise we took down the Thames, I was able to continue using the Light Scoop outside as long as I was leaning against the side of the boat to bounce the light.

Bex Hen Do  006

Bex Hen Do  007

Bex Hen Do  008

Bex Hen Do  009

Bex Hen Do  010

Bex Hen Do  011

Bex Hen Do  012

The wig's pretty awesome isn't it! Everyone had to wear something orange as it is the wedding colour and this was a genius prop for photographs. There's a picture of me wearing it somewhere that I've agreed to use as my Facebook profile picture- joy!

I'm so pleased with my new toy though, I think these pictures look beautiful and I really had the lightest kit with me and was therefore able to party too!

There's a use for on-board flashes after all! But off camera flash units all the way for weddings still, i'm not that converted ;)

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