Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Hannah and Mark, Manchester Town Hall. Wedding Photostory

On Easter Saturday I photographed the wedding of Hannah and Mark at Manchester Town Hall. Here is my story of their day. To see all the images and to buy copies please go to their page here.

Once again in Manchester we were promised rain and once again there was none and instead some really lovely moments of sunshine! I started the day at Hannah and Mark's home where Hannah was getting ready.

Mark and Hannah  002

Mark and Hannah  001

I'm having a thing for bouquets at the moment because I think they're all beautiful. I can still remember the smell of Hannah's now, so summery, I actually believe it must be the yellow flowers that brought the sun out that morning!

The boys were at Mr Thomas's Chop House along with what seemed to be all the other guests, the tiny pub was packed!

Mark and Hannah  003

Mark and Hannah  004

Mark and Hannah  005

Everyone was pulling faces at Mark as I tried to take some serious portraits!

The pub is walking distance to the Town Hall so we did just that!

Mark and Hannah  006

Hannah arrived by black cab with her mum and sister. Onto my favourites from the ceremony.

Mark and Hannah  007

Mark and Hannah  008

This face Hannah is pulling is mimicked by Mark during his speech!

Dare I admit that I didn't get the 'man and wife' kiss, I feel bad but I guess it's not always possible if it's really quick (and you're a solo photographer). I did get this one before they walked back down the aisle though.

Mark and Hannah  009

Here is the best man comically helping demonstrate the postbox for the cards (Mark borrowed it as he is a teacher) and you can see the cake too!

Mark and Hannah  011

Mark and Hannah  012

Next up, speeches! Slightly funny order to this day. We had done some group shots by this point but the speeches were straight after the drinks reception and before any food. And it was after the food for my portrait session. The first image shows Mark copying Hannah's reaction from before and, from what I gathered, many other occasions!

Mark and Hannah  013

Mark and Hannah  014

Mark and Hannah  015

And finally I got to steal away the bride and groom.

Mark and Hannah  016

Mark and Hannah  017

Mark and Hannah  018

Mark and Hannah  019

Mark and Hannah  020

You've got to love those arches!

Back to the hall for the first dance accompanied by a Latino style live band.

Mark and Hannah  021

Mark and Hannah  022

It isn't my normal style to add effects like this one so I'd love to know if you think it works? Or is compromising my style just not acceptable?

I've added some glow to my preview favourite and now love it even more...

Mark and Hannah  023

And before I finish I have to throw in a picture of Christina as she was the one who recommended me to Mark and Hannah. I hope she likes it otherwise that would ruin the point!

Mark and Hannah  024

My final image just has a nice atmosphere to it and reminds me of the music obviously and the colours and grand feel of the hall.

Mark and Hannah  025

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