Monday, 5 April 2010

Mark and Hannah, Manchester Town Hall Wedding Preview

I honestly don't know where the last week has gone, but gone it has, and as a result I'm not keeping my blogging up as I hoped.

So before any of the full selections from last weekend are ready here is my favourite image from Saturday.

Mark and Hannah's reception was in the Great Hall at Manchester Town Hall and I desperately wanted to get an image that showed the greatness! And this is the image that does it for me. For the photographers out there this was taken on my new Nikon D700 but with my old sigma 10-20 wide lens so the D700 automatically crops the image for the not full frame lens losing quality and on top of that I had to set the ISO to 5000 just to get anything because it was basically pitch black! Do you think the quality loss was worth it?



  1. Very dramatic, captures the atmosphere very well.

  2. Yes an excellent shot!!