Thursday, 22 April 2010

South Manchester AOS present Copacabana {Manchester Performance Photographer}

New day, new catch up blog post, and it's that time of the year again when I'm in show with South Manchester AOS. We're performing Copacabana (that would be an entire musical focused around the Manilow song!) at the RNCM on Oxford Road, Manchester. It starts this Tuesday and finishes Saturday 1st May. We're in the BIG theatre, which is awesome to perform in, but also means we can't sell out, so please, if you're free suddenly of an evening next week, pop along! Performances start at 7.30pm

So the new cast has meant more photography 'actor style head shots' for me to add to the collection I started 6 months ago with The Boyfriend. Here are my favourites from the new ones I took on Sunday.

Copacabana  001

Copacabana  002

Copacabana  003

Copacabana  004

I'm definitely getting a sense of consistancy with these which is good.

I'm really quite busy in the show and generally as a result of show week next week so I'm not sure how much photography/blogging will happen. I'm also pretty run down this week :(

But there's one more blog posting to come tomorrow, are you excited?

You should be!

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