Friday, 28 May 2010

Sarah's Favourite Photo Friday

Another busy week so just a quick one!

Today's picture comes from Sally and Dave's wedding which I photographed back in 2008. This wedding has been on my mind this week because one of Sally's friends from the wedding has contacted me about photographing their wedding next year. Very exciting!

This picture was taken on the bridge outside the Bridgewater Hall, a really lovely and quiet area for photographing which is why I took a portrait session back there only recently. I was really pleased with this image because it is a successful alternative landscape for a city wedding. I think I prefer this backdrop to all the rolling hills I've been photographing at weddings recently. So if you're planning a city centre wedding let me know, I'd love to photograph it!

Sally and Dave  001

Friday, 21 May 2010

Sarah's Favourite Photo Friday

It's Friday!

This week I'm using my Favourite Photo Friday to try and drive myself forward with my masters project.

My next portrait awaiting completion for the project is of beautiful, characterful May.

The idea is exactly the same as with Tom (see my previous blog postings here and here). So whichever of the following still images I choose will be combined with a moving image to create a portrait that gives a fuller view of the subject.

May is very animated so it seemed logical that the moving image would show that side and I have filmed her simply talking to the camera. So the still needs to show a contrasting side. May's dad runs pottery classes in schools and privately, and she loves to take part, so this seemed like something interesting, and unique to her.

Here's my final four.

May  001

I like this one because of the expression obviously, although the plan wasn't to have May looking at the camera as that's what she does in the film. Remember the film will be going in a box (upright this time) in the bottom left corner, hence the framing. The main problem with this image for me is her hands, the pot isn't formed yet and you can't tell what she's doing.

May  002

This one has the right feel but Dad's hands can't be removed!

May  003

I love this, but again it doesn't really show what's being done. Nor is it particularly an expression that leaves you understanding or wanting to know more I think, so probably not!

May  004

This image doesn't leave a lot of room for the film bottom left but it certainly has the concentration.

As you can see, I've not decided! All suggestions welcome. Which would you put on your wall if May was your daughter I guess is the question?

Leave me some comments please!!

Sunday, 16 May 2010

Double Wedding Weekend Preview

Before I crawl quietly into bed after the most insane weekend ever I can't help but share the images which stood out to me at upload stage. Although after a bit of tweaking I think my final favourites may be a completely different selection of images!

First up, on Friday was the wedding of Mike and Pam. I love the way Pam's dress looks like waves at the bottom of this picture.

Mike and Pam  001

And this is just a perfect moment and setting.

Mike and Pam  002

Onto Saturday and Sarah and Paul's wedding had just the most amazing lake view! I did take some a bit closer so that you can actually see them on the bench but I have to choose this one!

Sarah and Paul  001

And then later we were all a bit drunk but decided to go and do this back by the lake...

Sarah and Paul  002

I've got a lot of pictures to work through but keep your eyes on my blog for the full photo-stories of these weddings in the next couple of weeks.

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Sarah's Favourite Photo Friday

This week's image comes from the recce for the wedding of my very good friends Ross and Bex. Last Sunday I met them in Bowden to go round the wedding locations and put together our photography plan. Although Bowden is beautiful, Bex is particularly worried that there are no good photography spots because there's no particularly grassy areas and a lot of cars parked around. However, St Mary's, where the ceremony is, is very impressive and this test photograph put Bex's mind at ease (just). I'm really looking forward to taking this photograph again on the day!

Ross and Bex  001

I'm actually writing todays photo Friday on Wednesday and delaying it on blogger. I am photographing a wedding in Gloustershire on Friday, and another, an hour up the road in Worcestershire on Saturday. I've never done two weddings one after another before, no matter being away from home for the whole time, i'm a bit stressed! But they're both stunning locations and good friends so it should be a lot of fun!

Hopefully I will recover and maybe even have some previews for the blog by Sunday- you never know! Wish me luck ;)

Friday, 7 May 2010

Sarah's Favourite Photo Friday

This week's favourite photo Friday comes from the naked calendar shoot I did for Manchester Universities Gilbert and Sullivan Society (MUGSS) a couple of years ago.

Those featured in this particular image may forgive me for posting it when they discover I have chosen it because it is their show week this week. The Pirates of Penzance with a steam punk twist is on at the RNCM (same as Copacabana last week) now! I am going tonight and there are two performances tomorrow. You can find everything you need to know (including an interesting Lego animation of the plot) here.

So to the picture. I love this one because of the lighting and how, even without lighting it red the background is unique and interesting. The location is where Mugss make their sets, under some arches by the University. I only have a two light kit so it's one light on girls and one with a red gel over it doing the background. I have smudged out one little area as I don't want to upset anyone!

Have a great weekend! I turn 27 tomorrow and am celebrating at a dinner dance where I hope to take some nice pictures before drinking to much!

Mugss Calendar  001

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Vikki and Helen Portrait Session. The good, the bad and the outtakes!

The weekend of the 27th/28th March was pretty mental for photographing and personal reasons.

Here on my blog you know that because I posted about it late on the Friday night after the Salford Nurses Graduation Ball and again after Louise and Richard's beautiful wedding on the Sunday.

So you may remember I hired some high end photography kit for that weekend (the D700 bit I now own!) and I planned in many events to make the most of the kit.

This, finally, is my posting about the portrait shoot my friends Vikki and Helen agreed to, to help me learn to use the kit in time for the wedding! And as the title suggests I have some good, some bad (to explore with you), and some outtakes!

We started in one of my all time favourite locations outside the Bridgewater Hall.

Vikki Helen 27-03-10  001

Vikki Helen 27-03-10  002

You must love this as a backdrop!

Vikki Helen 27-03-10  003

But it's always about the faces with me! This next image feels like a film still don't you think? All I did was play about with the saturation in Aperture.

Vikki Helen 27-03-10  004

Vikki Helen 27-03-10  005

Vikki Helen 27-03-10  006

These next two images have had their contrast massively boosted except around the faces. It really helps the sky detail and gives an urban feel I think.

Vikki Helen 27-03-10  007

Vikki Helen 27-03-10  008

Vikki Helen 27-03-10  009

I really love the sitting sequence we did, still by the Bridgewater...

Vikki Helen 27-03-10  010

Vikki Helen 27-03-10  011

Moving on we did some stuff by the library but some of those are in 'the bad' in a moment. Still showcasing the good...

Vikki Helen 27-03-10  016

Vikki Helen 27-03-10  017

Vikki Helen 27-03-10  018

I really struggled with exposure by the arches, this is my best from here. Funny as a week later my best images of Mark and Hannah's wedding were taken just the other end of this walkway!

Vikki Helen 27-03-10  020

And just before I let the ladies stop posing and go shopping we found a brick wall (did I mention I love brick walls) and this one had amazing shadows when the sun popped out!

Vikki Helen 27-03-10  022

Vikki Helen 27-03-10  023

I just love this last one.

Vikki Helen 27-03-10  024

So onto two of the bad and why.

Vikki Helen 27-03-10  012

I really battled with the sunshine. Here obviously it has the potential to be an amazing back light, just look at Vikki's hair, but i'd need to use flash or at least a reflector to bring beautiful lighting back to the face. In addition the pose just doesn't look comfortable. I desperately need to get better at posing people, it's never really a problem with a newly married couple ;)

Vikki Helen 27-03-10  014

This is my second for 'the bad' pile because I said I would try and get some good ones of the two of them together but I again only have couples experience and needed to quickly rethink my posing. This image just doesn't work for me.

Any comments or suggestions on the whole shoot would be greatly appreciated!

And as promised, the outtakes, just to prove it was a fun session that i'd love to do again with you, my lovely, gradually expanding blog readers (don't kill me for posting these Vikki and Helen!)...

Vikki Helen 27-03-10  013

Vikki Helen 27-03-10  015

Vikki Helen 27-03-10  021

Thank you so, so much to Vikki and Helen, it was a really fun session and I hope you think the results are worth it!