Friday, 21 May 2010

Sarah's Favourite Photo Friday

It's Friday!

This week I'm using my Favourite Photo Friday to try and drive myself forward with my masters project.

My next portrait awaiting completion for the project is of beautiful, characterful May.

The idea is exactly the same as with Tom (see my previous blog postings here and here). So whichever of the following still images I choose will be combined with a moving image to create a portrait that gives a fuller view of the subject.

May is very animated so it seemed logical that the moving image would show that side and I have filmed her simply talking to the camera. So the still needs to show a contrasting side. May's dad runs pottery classes in schools and privately, and she loves to take part, so this seemed like something interesting, and unique to her.

Here's my final four.

May  001

I like this one because of the expression obviously, although the plan wasn't to have May looking at the camera as that's what she does in the film. Remember the film will be going in a box (upright this time) in the bottom left corner, hence the framing. The main problem with this image for me is her hands, the pot isn't formed yet and you can't tell what she's doing.

May  002

This one has the right feel but Dad's hands can't be removed!

May  003

I love this, but again it doesn't really show what's being done. Nor is it particularly an expression that leaves you understanding or wanting to know more I think, so probably not!

May  004

This image doesn't leave a lot of room for the film bottom left but it certainly has the concentration.

As you can see, I've not decided! All suggestions welcome. Which would you put on your wall if May was your daughter I guess is the question?

Leave me some comments please!!


  1. I love the first one because it looks like she is hiding a secret. The second one does have the right feel, but it is a shame about the hands, could the video box not be repositioned? (sorry if that is a silly question) Kate

  2. Ok, that sounds like a vote for the second one. I don't think the hands will be a problem when the video is in place.

  3. I like the second one if she's very animated and chatty in the video because it looks like she's very focused and interested in what she's doing.

    That said, I think the third would have the same effect - especially if she's maybe a little ditzy/fast speaking/moving, then the video explores the image further

  4. Would have to be the first one - it's the only one that shows may's character and it's just lovely