Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Celebrating 12 months of blogging


It's late, and to be honest with you I let myself get totally distracted by iPhone OS4, and spent too long on the blog yesterday with Sarah's post, but I have to write something today because exactly 12 months ago I decided to starting blogging.

And what a 12 months it has been! In terms of photography, my skills have improved and evolved, I have better equipment and web presence and a general sense of direction. I've loved the drive that blogging gives me and have researched making more of it, which is why I now have a regular weekly posting. I'm photographing more than ever before and continuing to take on new challenges.

I set out the following statement for my blog 12 months ago:
  • My blog will help me explore my needs as a photographer.
  • It will push me to analyse my own work and therefore drive it forward.
  • It will help me discover what I want to photograph and then help me get the message of my photography out.
  • It will help me take part in the discourse about photographer's issues and other photographer's work.

Top three issues definitely going well but I must start looking outside of my own box more for part four. I am doing it, particularly with all the other blogs I follow. But it's not evident enough.

And the next 12 months? Well I'm in a very open place at the moment and refuse to set any measurable goals, however I must continue to explore myself as a photographer, stay up to date with trends and technology and keep an open mind!

There is still much to learn about myself and my photography ;)

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