Sunday, 13 June 2010

Mike and Pam. Eastwood Park, Gloucestershire. Wedding Photostory

Mike and Pam's wedding pictures are now complete. You can visit their photo site here.

This is my story of their day.

The day started out with the men and a few fun shots.

Mike and Pam  001

Mike and Pam  002

I'm really pleased with this second image, the composition is a little different and obviously the venue is stunning in the background.

Then I went to find the bride.

Mike and Pam  003

When it was time, the route to the ceremony room included a stunning staircase where my preview image was taken but here's another one from the moment.

Mike and Pam  004

During the ceremony I was trapped to one side of the room for the duration, which meant my images only caught Mike's expressions. But that's OK because he had some lovely ones!

Mike and Pam  005

The signing images were backlit by the windows again (as was the case with Louise and Richard's wedding) but this image is nice.

Mike and Pam  006

On arrival outside of the ceremony room we were greeted with this:

Mike and Pam  007

And I took this image whilst everyone was outside enjoying their pimms!

Mike and Pam  008

Then it was time to get some bride and groom portraits, working our way around this beautiful venue. Pam smiled more after a top up of her pimms though!

Mike and Pam  009

Mike and Pam  010

Mike and Pam  011

Mike and Pam  012

Mike and Pam  013

As you can see there was a lot of locations for photographs. Above is probably my now favourite image from the wedding, a sun-kissed alternative to the image I chose for the preview blog posting. The final location took in the view:

Mike and Pam  014

Mike and Pam  024

Then it was time for groups. Here are the friends:

Mike and Pam  015

All the group shots were taken on the stairs except for the everyone shot, for which I got to lean out of a window!

Mike and Pam  016

As you can see it was quite a small group of people.

I wanted to include a picture of the beautiful cheese(s) cake. These are certainly starting to become popular at the moment.

Mike and Pam  017

Onto speeches and first up Pam's dad.

Mike and Pam  018

Then Mike and Pam did a speech together.

Mike and Pam  019

And the best men, as there was more than one, took turns to tell their tales by passing the peperami!!

Mike and Pam  020

Mike and Pam  021

We were joined by a few more guests in the evening where the cheese was cut and served. And to finish, the first dance:

Mike and Pam  023

Mike and Pam  022

Mike and Pam are currently packing up their lives to move to America. I hope to turn around an album for them asap to take with them. And I wish them every luck across the ocean.

This was part of a weekend of two weddings down south. Watch this space for Sarah and Paul's wedding story.


  1. What a beautiful wedding. So simple, yet full of such character - congrats!

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