Sunday, 6 June 2010

Ross and Bex Wedding PREVIEW Bowden, Manchester

Yesterday was Ross and Bex's wedding in Bowden, Manchester. Here's an extra long preview posting to hopefully satisfy the hundreds of you who were there until all the images are ready in a few weeks!

The stunning St Mary's.

Ross and Bex  001

The sea of people that was the group shot! Not one version of this had the whole front row's eyes open :( This is the best one, and I had to show you!

Ross and Bex  002

The 'money shot' in my opinion.

Ross and Bex  003

The beautiful bride.

Ross and Bex  004

A speeches highlight.

Ross and Bex  005

The reception.

Ross and Bex  006

And finally, the entertainment.

Ross and Bex  007

I hope you've enjoyed my preview selection. Watch this space for the full selection as soon as it is ready.

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