Monday, 21 June 2010

Sarah and Paul, St Michael's Cropthorne and Springhill Barn. Wedding Photostory.

Time for another wedding photostory! And this one is very overdue! Sarah and Paul's wedding photo main site can be found here.

I've officially known Sarah since I was 9, however she was in a different class to me so had to remind me of this fact when we were reunited at 16! We know each other very well and have had many an emotional journey. Photographing her wedding was no exception and these images do not represent my best work but they do represent a wonderful, memorable day with a group of people I love dearly.

So, onto my story of the day.

Sarah and Paul  001

Sarah and Paul  002

The day started at a hairdressers in Fladbury. The Cropthorne/Fladbury/Pershore area in Worcestershire is where Sarah's family come from and over the last couple of years we've been going there for girly weekends, so it felt very homely to be there.

Sarah was based at the hairdressers all morning. But the bridesmaids, once their hair was done, were getting their make up done by the amazing Hayley, another friend of Sarah's.

Sarah and Paul  003

Around lunchtime everyone was finally back at Sarah's parents house (walkable to the church) which has the most incredible views (which is why it makes great girly breaks!)

Sarah and Paul  004

Ella on the left is another of the group of four of us who were together at 6th form and still are now. And who's wedding was the first I ever photographed (as a pro).

Sarah and Paul  005

Here is Sarah and the view! And next up I went to join the men at the church. Sarah met Paul whilst she was in Leeds for University, but he originally comes from Manchester :)

Sarah and Paul  007

Sarah and Paul  008

The biggest nightmare about this wedding was that the vicar would not allow any photography until after the ceremony, just the signing and leaving. So Sarah asked me to pop in and get some shots before anyone was there, particularly of the flowers.

Sarah and Paul  006

Just imagine if this shot had a ceremony going on the background- it would've been lovely :(

Sarah and Paul  009

I love this one of the bridesmaids whilst we awaited Sarah's arrival (which was delayed because one of the coach runs was late!)

Sarah and Paul  010

Doesn't she look lovely in that image? The next one was taken from my seat in the church where I wasn't taking any pictures ;)

Sarah and Paul  011

I did manage to restrain myself and waited until the signing and leaving as instructed!

Sarah and Paul  012

Sarah and Paul  013

The ceremony was followed by some quick formals. Worth it for the beautiful church backdrop.

Sarah and Paul  014

Then we went onto the stunning reception venue, Springhill Barn, with it's own lake and everything!

Sarah and Paul  015

Get the couple shots out of the way first.

Sarah and Paul  016

Sarah and Paul  017

Sarah and Paul  018

Sarah and Paul  019

Then the group shots took full advantage of the lake view.

Sarah and Paul  020

This next shot shows the two cakes. Two because Sarah currently works for a pork pie company (she's a food QA or something) so she had a pork pie cake, and a chocolate cake! Amazing. A slice of each was great by about 10pm!

Sarah and Paul  021

Speeches now and some great Sarah faces...

Sarah and Paul  022

Sarah and Paul  023

And then obviously there was a cake each to cut.

Sarah and Paul  024

The first dance was choreographed.

Sarah and Paul  025

By now most of us, particularly me, were drunk, so I persuaded Sarah and Paul that they wanted to recreate their dance by the lake

Sarah and Paul  026

It was worth it right?

And that concludes my very long and self indulgent photostory of Sarah's wedding. I couldn't help myself!

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