Friday, 11 June 2010

Sarah's Favourite Photo Friday

This week I want to share something wonderful.

I never intended Favourite Photo Friday to be all about my own work but I've not had chance to explore artistic work that I like.

However, I do closely follow other wedding photographers and I've remembered this one photoshoot slide show that makes me tingle with it's goodness :)

David Pullum is one my all time greats in the wedding photography world, and he doesn't just do weddings. The following link takes you to a slide show (accompanied by You Got the Love, just be make it super tingley!) of the day James Corden made the Andy Murray section of his Sport Relief sketch.

View the slide show here

I can't put this into the blog because it's not mine, so please click the link.

This week expect Mike and Pam's wedding photostory on the blog, so check back!

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