Friday, 25 June 2010

Sarah's Favourite Photo Friday

This week I've been saving up my photographs from Sunday's Manchester Day Parade to share with you.

The Manchester Day Parade is a new event for Manchester and it was very well received so I hope that it will become an annual event.

I wanted to go along with my camera because I saw it as a sort of trial run for Manchester Pride coming up in August, where I have volunteered to be one of their main photographers which is very exciting!

I learned a lot from my attempts with the Manchester Day Parade including
- no matter how stuck in you get you'll need a zoom lens
- trust the camera, it can cope shooting into the sun
- composition is everything amongst the chaos!
- get over your shyness, you're going to have to get people's attention.

Here are my favourites

Manchester Day Parade 1

Manchester Day Parade 2

Manchester Day Parade 3

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