Friday, 9 July 2010

Sarah's Favourite Photo Friday

It's always a last minute decision for me on social events whether I will take a good camera (or be content with just my iPhone) because although I love taking pictures it's not the only part of me that needs to have fun!

However for last weekend's camping trip I was in a picture taking mood, and I'm glad because there was some really fun moments to photograph.

For favourite photo Friday though, amongst all the fun, there are two pictures that stand out for me. What do you make of these?

Camping  002

Camping  001

Without thinking about the context there is something beautiful about both. The first strikes me as an 'alternative adventure' story image. It just works for me, composition, coming out of the dark etc. The second is obviously a lot more conventional, very filmic, I knew exactly how I would post produce it as soon as I took it.

However the context throws these images for me! On a planned walk around a reservoir my friends saw the mobility scooters and asked if anyone could hire them. So we did a 4 mile walk with two of the group having too much fun on electric scooters. Somehow these images make that look cool. It probably shouldn't have been ;)

I'll be doing Ross and Bex's photostory this evening so check back.

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