Friday, 23 July 2010

Sarah's Favourite Photo Friday

OK so I'm really late but it's still Friday (just). I've been on a recce for a wedding in four weeks today and I'm also preparing for another on Sunday so this week I want to share with you another photographer's work.

Tobiah Tayo is one of the best photographers in my local area and I've been following his blog for sometime now. And he was photographer at the wedding I attended last weekend for my friends Pete and Gill. This is the only wedding this year I'm attending rather than photographing so I did the right thing and put a pretty dress on and got really drunk ;)

I think this is my favourite from his blog posting. It also highlights how my style differs as my approach to photography doesn't involve the need for (a little) faff and the need to carry equipment that a shot like this requires, but that doesn't mean I love it any less. In fact I really love Tobiah's work and the way he puts his blogs together so go have a look!

Happy honeymoon Pete and Gill.

Preview pictures from Sundays wedding to follow this week.

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