Monday, 30 August 2010

Manchester Pride 2010- My favourites so far

It's the morning of the last day of Manchester Pride and I'm having the most amazing time! I have to share some photos before I head out again, I hope you like them.

Pride 2010  001

Pride 2010  002

Pride 2010  003

Pride 2010  004

Pride 2010  005

Pride 2010  006

Pride 2010  007

Pride 2010  008

Pride 2010  009

Pride 2010  010

Pride 2010  011

Pride 2010  012

Pride 2010  013

Pride 2010  014

Friday, 27 August 2010

Sarah's Favourite Photo Friday- Manchester Pride Fringe

Welcome to Friday and the beginning of Manchester Pride's Big Weekend! I'm one of the photographers for the event and I'm very excited about it because I've only ever been to the parade bit before and now I'm going to all kinds of things! I feel very important with my pass on...

And Pride for me began on Monday with two fringe events that needed photographing.

At the LGF there was an event called The Secret Lives of Lesbians where they showed the BBC drama about Anne Lister who is regarded as the first modern lesbian and who wrote about her life in coded diaries. The diaries were decoded by Helena Whitbread who was at the event and took questions following the screening.

Pride Fringe  005

Pride Fringe  006

The image above is the sort of thing I imagine Pride are looking for from my photos (I hope!). Following the Q&A session the LGF asked the attendees to share their secrets on postcards as part of book they are putting together.

Pride Fringe  001

At the same time another event was going on at Taurus Bar called Inside Out Poetry arranged and hosted by the lovely Katy Stewart who is part of the Pride team. I was switching between the two events but here are my favourites.

Pride Fringe  002

Pride Fringe  003

Pride Fringe  004

Pride Fringe  007

Then on Tuesday night I was really in my element because I was sent to the Frog and Bucket to capture an evening of Ribbons, Rallies and Rubbers (on stage photography? Yes please...)

The event was to raise money and awareness for the George House Trust who support people affected by HIV.

Pride Fringe  008

Pride Fringe  009

Pride Fringe  010

That was comedian Jonathan Mayor and the next image shows the interview with the founding members of George House Trust.

Pride Fringe  011

Next up Gerry Potter, who you'll recognise kindly performed as part of Monday's poetry night too. His performance poetry manages to be extremely entertaining and poignant.

Pride Fringe  012

Pride Fringe  013

The next interview was will Paul Fairweather Harpurhey's Councillor who revealed he is HIV positive at last year's Pride vigil.

Pride Fringe  014

The evening finished with the UK's no 1 drag king Valentino King.

Pride Fringe  015

Pride Fringe  016

And one from outside before heading home...

Pride Fringe  017

Watch this space for my Big Weekend pics and come say hi if you see me ;)

Friday, 20 August 2010

Jenny and Mike, Preview Post, St Mary's Pulford and Llyndir Hall

Great wedding yesterday! So, for my Friday posting see below my stand out images before the editing process...

Jenny and Mike  001

Jenny and Mike  002

Jenny and Mike  003

I'd love to know what you think.

It's Manchester Pride this week so expect some non wedding pics for a change!

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

#Photobox- I'm getting pretty annoyed now...


Remember how I was so excited on Friday about having found a nice man to make my final masters pieces for me? Well I'm getting pretty on edge now because I told that nice man I would get a print for him to test with by Tuesday at the latest, and now it's Wednesday and no print :(

So I'm upset with Photobox who are normally amazing. I recommend them to everyone and use their pro gallery for all my weddings. And I know I'm being a little irrational as it's been with the postman since Monday, so as of yesterday it's his fault, but still, when I chatted to my nice man on Friday I went home and ordered the print straight away, that was 3pm ish, and I've known Photobox to turn it around straight away so first class post in on Friday, I hoped to have it on Saturday. No such luck :( So I've hashtaged them in my title because it'll go on twitter and they might see.

I'm photographing another wedding tomorrow that's (just) in Wales and then it's time for a week of Manchester Pride photographing. I'm getting a VIP pass and everything...

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Masters project- A portrait of Jo

Yesterday I completed the final part of the final portrait for my masters project- Still Moving.

If you've no idea what I'm talking about, see my final versions of Tom and May, or search anything labeled New Media Artist

So onto Jo. A few months ago we made the film part however the editing only happened last week. This is not my best film work I have to say but it gets the point across I think:

And that film will go in the bottom left corner of one of the following images. These are my favourites from the shoot and I'd be really interested to know what you think.

Jo  001

Jo  002

Jo  003

Jo  004

Jo  005

I think I'm pretty set on the last one. I love that Jo is actually looking at you, the viewer, in it, but through a reflection and obviously the fact that it is perfectly set up to have a video intrude in the corner!

However the square crop loses even more of the picture than I thought when taking, I would prefer a bit more real (not reflection) Jo.

Still, I think this is the one for me.

You got until Friday to convince me otherwise...

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Photostory, Civil Partnership, Nunsmere Hall Hotel, Northwich

Two weeks ago I photographed my first civil partnership. It was a really lovely day with some really lovely people!

However the girls are a little camera shy, so for my photostory posting, for change, I'm going to avoid the main action and show off some details instead!

If you were at the wedding and want to see/buy more photos let the girls know and they can point you in the right direction.

So the day obviously started out with two dresses!

Amy and Hayley  001

Amy and Hayley  002

And some tearful mums!

Amy and Hayley  003

Oh and have I mentioned how beautiful Nunsmere Hall is?

Amy and Hayley  013

The girls got ready in rooms just down the hall from each other but they never saw each other until they walked down the aisle.

Sunflowers were the theme of the day, and beautiful they were too!

Amy and Hayley  004

Amy and Hayley  005

So no ceremony pictures for you I'm afraid but here's a picture of people taking pictures as I have a habit of taking these! ;)

Amy and Hayley  006

And now for some more of what you saw in the preview post from our little portrait session round the beautiful gardens. The between trees shot is what I had in my head that I wanted to achieve before the day, and very happy with it I was too!

Amy and Hayley  007

Amy and Hayley  008

Beautiful sunflowers everywhere!

Amy and Hayley  009

Amy and Hayley  010

Speeches time and the bridesmaids certainly wanted to be remembered (note the coordinating backing cards not just the cheer leading!)

Amy and Hayley  011

And finally a first dance pic to share with you.

Amy and Hayley  012

Just lovely, and very good for me to look at the quality of my 'alternative images'.

Also my photo editing delay seems to have improved- hurrah! Next wedding in just over a week and then I'm photographing Manchester Pride so look out for me if you're going!