Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Masters project- A portrait of Jo

Yesterday I completed the final part of the final portrait for my masters project- Still Moving.

If you've no idea what I'm talking about, see my final versions of Tom and May, or search anything labeled New Media Artist

So onto Jo. A few months ago we made the film part however the editing only happened last week. This is not my best film work I have to say but it gets the point across I think:

And that film will go in the bottom left corner of one of the following images. These are my favourites from the shoot and I'd be really interested to know what you think.

Jo  001

Jo  002

Jo  003

Jo  004

Jo  005

I think I'm pretty set on the last one. I love that Jo is actually looking at you, the viewer, in it, but through a reflection and obviously the fact that it is perfectly set up to have a video intrude in the corner!

However the square crop loses even more of the picture than I thought when taking, I would prefer a bit more real (not reflection) Jo.

Still, I think this is the one for me.

You got until Friday to convince me otherwise...


  1. Not sure how the first two would work with the film in the bottom LEFT corner. The third seems a bit too posed for me. The fourth is good, but the last is definitely the best IMHO.

  2. Thanks! But how odd, the third wasn't posed at all, just a lucky catch mid conversation with Lou. Very pleased you're in agreement about the last although that is the real most posed ;)

  3. I like the last one with the film in the bottom left; the contrast between the emotion (varying from upset to anger) in the film, and the smile she has in the bottom portrait complement each other very well.

    What was she reciting, by the way?

  4. Yeah I agree with the contrast. It was really hard under pressure to get a relaxed enough atmosphere to get that last picture. I think just asking Jo to sit and look at herself in the mirror worked, and it was definately in a moment that I felt Jo let herself be comfortable, just for a second, and I was lucky to get this natural smile.

    I refer to this as most posed though because I'd prepared this whole look beforehand as a possible shot, including her looking me through her reflection. Worked though! This is something I'm learning more and more with my wedding photography too.

    Jo chose to mouth along to Losing My Mind from Follies. Not sure if revealing that ruins anything?

  5. Actually, I think I almost like knowing that more - knowing the song makes the way she's playing with her hair and the smile seem kind of rueful, resigned but happy with the way things work out. Then again, my English-student training makes me over-read things1