Wednesday, 18 August 2010

#Photobox- I'm getting pretty annoyed now...


Remember how I was so excited on Friday about having found a nice man to make my final masters pieces for me? Well I'm getting pretty on edge now because I told that nice man I would get a print for him to test with by Tuesday at the latest, and now it's Wednesday and no print :(

So I'm upset with Photobox who are normally amazing. I recommend them to everyone and use their pro gallery for all my weddings. And I know I'm being a little irrational as it's been with the postman since Monday, so as of yesterday it's his fault, but still, when I chatted to my nice man on Friday I went home and ordered the print straight away, that was 3pm ish, and I've known Photobox to turn it around straight away so first class post in on Friday, I hoped to have it on Saturday. No such luck :( So I've hashtaged them in my title because it'll go on twitter and they might see.

I'm photographing another wedding tomorrow that's (just) in Wales and then it's time for a week of Manchester Pride photographing. I'm getting a VIP pass and everything...

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