Thursday, 5 August 2010

Sarah's Favourite Photo Friday on Thursday

I'm neglecting my blog a bit, I'm sorry.

And as I'm away all weekend you're getting my one weekly post tonight.

This is a post about the Nik Software Color Efex Pro (American spelling I know) because I have some before and afters to share with you from Ross and Bex's wedding.

Color Efex Pro does what it says in the name- applies colour filters to photos, and this is ideal for creating some stand out images from the wedding portrait session. It's also a lot quicker than using photoshop, even with actions. It plugs into Aperture, which is my photo organiser/editor of choice, seamlessly and I used my 15 day trial whilst editing Ross and Bex's wedding.


Ross Bex  005


Ross Bex  006

With a filter called Classical Soft Focus creating a very traditional (dull?) wedding look. You can have this look applied in two clicks and then the variables are very easy to use to tweak to perfection. I guess this is the important difference, it's quicker to play with images using the Nik software than photoshop where long actions can be hard to adjust after.


Ross Bex  003


Ross Bex  004

Very subtle is this Tonal Contrast filter here, but it's one of my favourites as the effect it gives is that of the HDR editing technique. This filter is only available on the full $299 version of the software, not surprisingly I guess, as it's the one I got most excited about!


Ross Bex  001


Ross Bex  002

A filter called Pastel, it really emphasizes the sun kissed effect that is so fashionable at the moment!

So what do you think?

I was very impressed with this software and its usability. I think there are filters inclued that will stand image fashions for quite some time, we are in a faded and slightly vintage wedding photo fashion at the moment, but not that long ago it was high contrast and don't forget colour popping! Is it worth the $299 price tag? Probaby. I certainly wouldn't recommended getting any of the lessor versions.

Amy and Hayley's photostory should be up this week so keep checking back!

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