Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Jenny and Mike, St Mary's Pulford and Llyndir Hall Hotel, Wedding Photostory

About a month ago I photographed the wedding on Jenny and Mike. This is my photostory of their day.

I started the day with Jenny and she was at home with her sister who was bridesmaid and make up artist!

Jenny and Mike  001

I've been trying to work on my details shots and I was hoping to find a nice textured surface to photograph the shoes on but instead I discovered a duvet cover that was the perfect complimentary colour!

Jenny and Mike  002

Jenny and Mike  003

Yellow was the colour of the day as reflected in the flowers. Then it was off to the church to meet with the men. St Mary's is definitely a good looking building.

Jenny and Mike  004

This next picture shows the groom and best man preparing the ring baring teddies for the ring barer boys! I like it because of the reflection.

Jenny and Mike  005

And here are the boys...

Jenny and Mike  006

Jenny and Mike  007

So cute!

Jenny arrived by horse and carriage.

Jenny and Mike  008

Jenny and Mike  009

You have to look out for those boys!

Unfortunately this was another one of those weddings where I wasn't allowed to take any photographs until the signing so on the way back out the church Jenny and Mike posed for a kiss shot at the spot where it had originally happened.

Jenny and Mike  010

Jenny and Mike  011

This is my favourite from outside of the church.

Jenny and Mike  012

A huge focus of this wedding was the horses because Jenny loves them!

Jenny and Mike  013

So the carriage took the newly weds from the church to the Llyndir Hall that was just down the road but also crossed the Cheshire boarder into Wales. Then Jenny took the reins and took the carriage around the hotel grounds!

Jenny and Mike  014

Jenny and Mike  015

Jenny and Mike  016

Jenny and Mike  017

Llyndir Hall is quite an eccentric place with features like these animals around the grounds!

Next I can't help but include my bride with a pint shot!

Jenny and Mike  018

The group shots all took place next to the very old tree on lawn. We had to wait for it to stop raining, but it did! This photograph contains poses relevant to the hen do apparently!

Jenny and Mike  019

Then I took the bride and groom off for some portraits. This chair is another eccentric feature of the hotel!

Jenny and Mike  020

Jenny and Mike  021

Jenny and Mike  022

Jenny and Mike  023

Jenny and Mike  024

Before the food and before the rain really started, Mike got want he wanted from the day, a cricket game!

Jenny and Mike  025

Jenny and Mike kindly invited me to join their 'afternoon tea' style meal. Does this make you hungry?...

Jenny and Mike  026

The speeches followed and were full of love and humour.

Jenny and Mike  027

Jenny and Mike  028

Jenny and Mike  029

Jenny and Mike  030

Jenny and Mike  031

Jenny and Mike  032

And to finish this mammoth posting Jenny and Mike ended their day with a very amazing first dance containing influences from hip hop and line dancing to name but a few! It was very impressive!

Jenny and Mike  033

Thanks for a fantastic day! The album is nearly finished so watch this space for those designs.

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