Friday, 24 September 2010

Manchester Pride Dinner: Photography Highlights (@manchesterpride)

This week's Friday blogging conveniently follows last night's photography at the Manchester Pride Dinner!

The evening started in the VIP bar (one of the suites at the Palace Hotel), beautifully laid out (if a little behind schedule!)

Pride Dinner  001

Here's Angie, one of the other photographers who did Pride with me, posing obviously with Graham Norton! Graham hosted the evening and I thought he was fantastic, not everything went smoothly and he came across as a very clever, warm and talented man. (I didn't get a photo with me I'm afraid!)

Pride Dinner  002

When everyone left the bars to go to the Grand Hall me and Angie were waiting by two photo walls to give everyone a chance to have a photo taken. It was a mad half hour made better by photographs of...

people I know

Pride Dinner  003

people who have big smiles :)

Pride Dinner  004

And beautiful people

Pride Dinner  005

The hall looked amazing. 450 people!

Pride Dinner  006

All the faces of Pride were there

Pride Dinner  007

I love the smoke in this one of Sir Ian, I had to turn it black and white!

Pride Dinner  008

Pride Dinner  009

On the right of this picture is the lovely James who gave me wine, thanks!

Pride Dinner  010

The big act of the night was Pam Ann, I had to google her before the event ;) but actually she was very funny I thought (although I don't hear everything when photographing, one of the down sides!)

Pride Dinner  011

Pam targeted Pride festival director, Jackie, for a bit and I have a lovely sequence of reactions

Pride Dinner  012

Pride Dinner  013

Pride Dinner  014

I hope I get extra brownie points for these next two of Graham Norton clearly showing the Pride logo! Great for press right?

Pride Dinner  015

Pride Dinner  016

That second one is Graham drawing the raffle, then there was a big auction, and then a band, and dancing!

Pride Dinner  018

Pride Dinner  017

All in all a great night I thought, thanks for asking me along, are there really no more Pride events until next year...?

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