Friday, 3 September 2010

The People of Pride (#mcrpride)- Sarah's Favourite Photo Friday

Not surprisingly I'm going to share more photos from Pride for my favourite photo Friday!

I thought this post could be a bit nostalgic and a bit of a thank you posting too. So I want to share my photos of the people who were so lovely, through friendship or valuing the job I was doing, during the weekend.

This idea came to me because I have a pretty awesome picture of one of my new pride friends, Stuart.

Pride 2010 (3)  004

Stuart was in the Village Square most of the time and was extremely welcoming to me as it was my first Pride and helped me know what was likely to happen during the weekend.

The rest of the pictures aren't as good but the people are ;)

Pride 2010 (3)  002

First really has to be Nicola, my first point of contact at Pride. She does an amazing job and really cares about what she's doing. She's also very good under stress! In this picture by the wall in the VIP area Nicola is posing with Vicken, one of the Pride Board, he was great fun during the weekend and really seemed to enjoy talking with the volunteers.

Pride 2010 (3)  001

Next up Katy (with the pink hair). I met Katy when I photographed her poetry night during fringe and it was nice to bump into her again. Katy was in charge of the women's stage which I went along to briefly between main stage acts on Sunday.

Pride 2010 (3)  003

I really like this picture of Jackie, I'm not sure she will, but it's a bit different! Jackie is festival director and I enjoyed meeting her over twitter before in person!

Pride 2010 (3)  005

This is Adam, one of the Pride Patrons and I met him at the 'after pride' in Taurus because I wanted to show him this picture! I have a few I like of Adam, he really does photograph well (as I told him!)

Pride 2010 (3)  006

The press pit was an exhilarating place to be but not a scary one, the security guys were particularly lovely and here's one of them dancing with the signing ladies!

Pride 2010 (3)  007

Last, but only because it was taken right at the end of the weekend, and certainly not least, here's Nicola again with the final member of team pride, Darren. Darren seemed to keep everyone and everything together!

I'm kicking myself because I took no photos of either Tom (who was solely responsible for me doing this amazing weekend in the first place- love you!) and Tracy, my other village square (umbrella holding) friend!

Thanks to everyone I met, what a weekend! And I hope some of my pictures come in useful!

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