Friday, 10 September 2010

Sarah's Friday Post- Lots of news!

Hi blog readers and particularly any new ones I've picked up as a result of photographing Manchester Pride! All my Pride pics along with the other photographers have just gone up on the main Pride website, check them out here (I even took the Kelis one they're using as the main image- how exciting! And look out for my birds eye view of the parade at the end of the parade pics).

This week I need to share some very exciting news with you. I have accepted a job as a Cruise Ship Photographer with The Image Group. Depending on visas and medicals I could be leaving as soon as October 26th to begin training and this is potentially a job I could do for years. I began this process quite a few months ago now but got my job offer last weekend. I have been turning down wedding photography requests for next year for a while so I'm really glad it's come through!

I am extremely hopeful that I will be able to continue blogging weekly, but obviously this blog will take a new direction, along with my life! Photographing as part of a cruise ship will make portraits and formal photography second nature to me so I should be able to come back and make my full time profession photography as I have always wanted. I will keep you updated.

On the masters front I have my first finished picture and I'm going to meet someone about exhibiting in West Didsbury next week. I hope some of you will be able to come along!

And I am doing well with the weddings. I know I still need to post the full photostory for Jenny and Mike's day but they are actually close to having their album finished. I have one more wedding to do this year and it's on October 15th. Obviously I have now explained my situation to Becca and Ed, they will still be on honeymoon when I am hopefully leaving the country, but I will do everything I can to provide them with an album if they want one. I have my wedding recce around the venue with Becca tomorrow.

So it's all go in Sarah Craig Photography world! Have a fab weekend :)

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