Thursday, 23 September 2010

Still Moving: A Series of Polyperspective Portraits. Project Complete

In just over an hour I am going to present and hand in my Still Moving project for my MA Creative Technology course at Salford University. And as I have been documenting the whole journey on here is seems appropriate to do a conclusion posting.

To see all the historical postings just follow the New Media Artist label.

If you would like to read my full 4000 word report of my project you can download the PDF here.

Here are the videos of my completed portraits




It's been a long journey getting here but I am extremely happy with the finished result, particularly because of how professional they look. Thank you to everyone who took my questionnaire, 94% of you thought the finished product suited display in the home and the rest only saw the work online so I think I could convince you ;)

All my opinions and the questionnaire results are in the PDF linked above so I'd just like to use this blog posting to throw in some thank you's.

A big thank you to my subjects, Nadine and May, Jo and particularly Tom for being the first and going through that learning curve with me.
A massive thank you to Chris for the support and understanding and technical help right up to the last second, and through adverse conditions.
Thanks to Darren and the team at In The Frame in Sale, they are so beautiful!
Thank you to Cath who helped me set up my exhibition on the last day she wanted to see me!
Thanks to Sarah H for taking as long over her project as mine so that I've never felt on my own, see you at the presentation!
Thank you everyone who has commented on my blog and Facebook and who took the questionnaire.
And thank you to the people who came to my exhibition and said such lovely things!

This isn't an award, that's enough :)

Feel free to add comments, I love to hear what people think even the negative stuff!

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