Friday, 1 October 2010

Professional darts photography (random requests!)- Anthony Urmston-Toft

Today I did one of the strangest photography requests I think I've ever done!

Anthony Urmston-Toft is an up and coming darts player who also happens to work at the office of my part time office job. Obviously with our similar, 'this is isn't what I really want to be doing' backgrounds he discovered I'm a photographer, which is exactly what he needed!

Anthony is getting some darts made as his 'brand' and needs imagery for the box and also for the accompanying website with how to throw and about different types of darts stuff on it. (I learned a little about darts today but I still don't really know!)

He gave me an early example of his darts, so to a darts novice like myself the finished darts will look pretty much like this:

AUT Darts  007

I think this is pretty cool, I'd love someone to launch a type of camera with my signature on it!

So the shoot was full of random shot requests. I said to Anthony just describe what you want and I'll do what I can. We did loads of shots like the following. They apparently show the effect of different types of 'flights' and how they look when they land in the board. Is it ok that I just think it looks pretty? ;)

AUT Darts  001

This next shot is destined for the front of the box of darts, oh and this is Anthony if you hadn't guessed!

AUT Darts  002

Then we had some fun with darts mid flight! They don't come out as you expect though because the hand continues moving with the thrown dart...

AUT Darts  003

AUT Darts  004

Apparently the pointing is good technique. I learned a lot from my lighting kit failing me at this point! When I'm a rich, successful photographer I need some powerful static lighting!!

AUT Darts  005

This last image is the 'back of pack' shot I believe.

AUT Darts  006

Interesting shoot right!?

Thanks for asking me Anthony and thank you to Chris for agreeing to help at the last minute, you are the lighting kit master!

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