Friday, 22 October 2010

South Manchester AOS present RENT- Dress Rehearsal

RENT is going really well and show week generally is taking over my life as always!

Here are some of my favourites from the dress rehearsal. As I write this I am also burning discs for the cast, I took 900 pictures during the dress and 523 have made the final disc!

RENT  001

RENT  002

RENT  003

RENT  004

RENT  005

RENT  006

RENT  008

RENT  009

RENT  007

I was also responsible for creating the films required for the show (my 1st degree was in film making) which you can see in the background of some of the images. The show is about a film maker so they show his world. Here is the longest film, used to round of the show.

After the show tonight it is my leaving do. Next week I go to Croatia to train to become a cruise ship photographer. I don't yet know what this will mean for my blog but I really want to keep it going as a record of my adventure so watch this space...

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