Monday, 8 November 2010

Becca and Ed, Losehill House Hotel, Wedding Photostory

Before this blog takes a completely new journey I have a wedding photostory outstanding.

My 8th and final wedding of the year was Becca and Ed's on an unfortunately rainy day in October! This wedding was very much about me capturing what was going on rather than any staging, which I prefer!

As a starting point I was told the men would want to pose while Becca really didn't want any getting ready shots. So I had some fun following them around for a bit:

Becca and Ed2  001

Once ready I went to see Becca, the atmosphere in her room was great fun and calm!

Becca and Ed2  002

Becca and Ed2  003

The first affect of the bad weather was that rather than walking across the courtyard we took an indoor route through the laundry room. All taken in good humour of course!

Becca and Ed2  004

The ceremony room was beautiful even if the registrar did request I hid behind a plant! I still got some good and interesting shots as a result.

Becca and Ed2  005

Becca and Ed2  006

Becca and Ed2  007

Love this next shot! I didn't realise they did this until I saw the pictures after.

Becca and Ed2  008

Second affect of the weather- indoor group photos. But we had some fun and obviously the main room is stunning!

Becca and Ed2  009

Becca and Ed2  010

Can you see everyone's faces? Maybe not, it was a good try!

It did stop raining but it was very slippy so only a select few then went outside for more groups, confetti and then portrait time!

Becca and Ed2  011

Becca and Ed2  012

Becca and Ed2  013

Becca and Ed chose Losehill House because of the hill and how it goes great colours in the autumn. So in the 5 mins they gave me to grab some portraits it was all about the backdrop!

This next photograph is my favourite in the spirit of true reportage style.

Becca and Ed2  014

I love that one of the tables was Kro Bar so that makes my photostory!

Becca and Ed2  015

And a spontaneous alternative rings shot.

Becca and Ed2  016

Lots of speeches were given but Ed gave the best expressions!!

Becca and Ed2  017

And we got a lovely cake cutting pose (a change for me!):

Becca and Ed2  018

Throwing of the bouquet, always an interesting sequence and strangely more popular for indoor weddings so far in my experience!

Becca and Ed2  019

My favourite first dance shot:

Becca and Ed2  020

And to finish, the fun with a Polaroid printer and guest book in the snug...

Becca and Ed2  021

I really enjoyed this wedding as it presented me with a bunch of new challenges but also had all my favourite things about photographing weddings, particularly feeling part of a group of people I had only just met! I hope the honeymoon was amazing and I feel bad that I'm not around to put an album together (straight away at least). Thank you so much for choosing me, turned out this wedding meant a lot :)

I will update on my cruise news tomorrow blog fans...

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