Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Fashion/Actor Shoot, Laberdee (RCI private beach), Haiti

Hello blog, how much I miss you!

I am still alive and well, just, and really throwing myself into cruise ship life which really doesn't have space for blogging like I hoped.

However last cruise I had a moment like old times when I did a beach photoshoot for a friend who is one of the performers here on the ship. I arranged this shoot back in November when Chris met me in No Name bar and mentioned that he was spending the next three months building up his body ready for his next show. He needs some commercial/masculine looking photos and wanted to do them in Laberdee (Royal Caribbean's private beach in Haiti). So we spent the two hours I can just about have off in that port creating the following images with my D700 that has been locked up for a long while now. It was a great release and I'm really happy with the results! Let me know what you think!

Thanks for asking me Chris and good luck with your next adventure, the ship will miss you even if you don't miss it!

Chris  001

Chris  002

Chris  003

Chris  004

Chris  005

Chris  006

Chris  007

Chris  008

Chris  009

Chris  010

Chris  011

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