Monday, 27 June 2011

Hugh and Claire, Weybridge Registry and Charlton on the Green Hotel. Wedding Photostory

On Saturday May 28th my Dad got remarried and I attended as guest and photographer! I got off the ship just in time for this wedding, one cruise later and I would've missed it!

The day for me started with Claire getting ready at their house with her kids (my now step brother and sister).

Dad and Claire  001

Here is everyone who was at the house.

Dad and Claire  002

Daniel is Claire's son

Dad and Claire  003

And Hayley her daughter

Dad and Claire  004

Arriving at the registry office

Dad and Claire  005

Daniel and Hayley walked down the aisle before their mum. I had prime position at the front as photographer which was pretty weird actually in this circumstance! Ideal usually though, the window lighting was lovely!

Dad and Claire  006

It was a very happy and simple ceremony

Dad and Claire  007

Dad and Claire  008

The witnesses were the Mums. So that's my Grandma in the purple.

Dad and Claire  009

Some more staged photography now

Dad and Claire  010

And confetti

Dad and Claire  011

Typical Dad face ;)

Dad and Claire  012

Me and my Dad (it seemed important to let someone take the camera for a minute!)

Dad and Claire  013

The gardens of the registry office were lovely so we did some quick portraits there as the clouds started to move!

Dad and Claire  014

Dad and Claire  015

Thank you's and I was really happy with how my bounce flash makes these pictures look, especially as I was not sober at this point!

Dad and Claire  016

First dance

Dad and Claire  017

And this last one I want to share is some of my family, my Grandma, my cousin Adam who's only a few months younger than me, my Dad's sister Helen and she's holding Jack, my cousin Michelle's son.

Dad and Claire  018

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