Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Allure: Stuck on a boat!

Well I’m still here working hard in my floating shopping centre, going slowly mad. I’m back at my blog again to try and keep my sanity by talking about it. And I have time for my blog because my favourite people here both left last cruise.

I think I’ve talked before about ship relationships but it’s something I want to write about again. When you work on ship, you work so hard and give your all that you can’t keep a front up, sometimes you can’t be nice, I was never tactful anyway (!) so very fast people get to know the real you. And when you’re showing all your weaknesses and find people who accept and support you, it doesn’t take long to create lifetime bonds like you never would in the real world.

I’ve been here two months now and in that time I made two very strong bonds. Lavi and Jr. Lavi has transferred to another ship, it’s one of the reasons we got on that we both want to not be on this silly big ship! And Jr has gone on vacation. Here’s some pictures of me having a good time with them!

So of course everything is ever changing. I still have friends and they are actively giving me hugs because of losing the others. I seem to be doing well at the job, in the areas I like anyway (!) like studios and dealing with guests. I shoot the busiest studio on formal night getting 1100 images in 5 and half hours, this was Jr’s studio for the last 4 months so I’m happy to take it over.

An English guy joined the team to replace Lavi, Andrew. I thought it was going to be weird but I didn’t realise he was a new hire so at least he has no pre-conceived ideas. It’s hard with the English as what I’ve discovered being on ships is that we’re a lot more similar than we know. When you surround yourself with nothing but other cultures and then encounter your own, you realise that you can communicate a lot with just a look or gesture. It’s very odd, it makes you close instantly, but when you might not want to be. Anyway it’s good for me to make an English friend for a change and he’s really good in the team.

We had a mini adventure with hurricane Irene, it changed our itinerary last cruise and we were at our nearest point 220 nautical miles away. The boat really rocked and you could hear the waves crashing but only for a day. Everything was hot and humid as usual at Laberdee today.

I think I’ll be writing again soon…. Write to me if you want ;)

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  1. Hey Sarah,

    Reading your posts has reminded me of so many good and bad times when i was working as a photographer for P&O Cruises. I know exactly how you feel at the moment, how can a really great job be so crappy at the same time.

    I used to work with Andrew, your newbie, onboard Ocean Village. He is a truly great guy and great photographer. I don't know if your allowed to drink, but he can certainly drink like a fish and have a good time.

    Listen, if you want to have a rant or a chat, just shoot me an email.