Friday, 16 September 2011

Allure: An Insight into Smile

The other night I finally had the opportunity to have a quick shoot in Smile so I could share this on my blog.

Smile is a shop on the 'boardwalk' area of the Allure. It is just a white background studio and a whole bunch of costumes!

Although run by a photog3 like myself it is separate and more expensive than the photos we do in the gallery. Generally you arrange a 30 minute session and choose a package of photographs from there. It is a very American thing I think, I can't see many Brits wanting to do it, however I have a lot of friends who would love this kind of shoot!

So this is the result of my Smile session, thanks Diana for taking the pictures!

9244-4 9244-8 9244-15 9244-22 9244-23 9244-29 9244-32 9244-33 9244-36 9244-38 9244-49 9244-55

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