Friday, 23 September 2011

Allure Photostory Part Two

I’ve been waiting quite some time to finish off this photostory. I was sort of waiting for the right time and place to take these pictures. Prepare for something quite amazing because as unhappy as I am here, given some free time you can’t avoid the awe-inspiring nature of this ship. So the right time and place was a night off St Thomas night. I took myself and my wide-angle lens to the top decks at sailaway and spent an hour capturing images for this final blog photostory.


Here’s a great view of St Thomas. I haven’t really explored this Island as it is always the time we finally get to catch up on sleep, not go out. But in the port itself there are hundreds of Iguana’s just sleeping on the rocks, which is very cool! So starting at the front of the ship the view down is onto the boardwalk. So this is deck 15 looking down on deck 6.


You’ll see the sign for flowrider which is a wave riding activity on this deck at the back of the ship. We did a team activity for this last night so here’s a really awful picture of me just to prove I did it but only once as I hated it.
CP2_4393 (1)

The mini golf is right here so this is a cute picture of that.


Looking down at the side but then the winning shot is next!


Amazing right? You can see the ocean out the back.
So now walking forwards towards the front of the ship the pool deck has gaps now looking down on central park, deck 8.
Again, just incredible architecturally!


The pool areas contain designs by the artist Britto and make for some bizarre photographs!


How about these colourful chairs!?


And then one more deck uplooking down on these chairs, this lens is great for just generally getting a lot of information in one shot.


By now we’ve got quite far from St Thomas and the sun is setting, what a magical time to be exploring and photographing…


Right to the front of the ship now and the solarium.
There is a helipad at the front of the ship. It’s only accessible to crew on Allure strangely on deck 6 and by this time it had got too dark but it’s not a picture I was after anyway.
Past the Solerium and back to the sailaway sunset view.
Then the view down the elevator shaft, different to the one in photostory part one.
Now the sun has set so the same views but now with the lighting. Beautiful, but not as breath taking as the daytime ones right?
Oh and I got distracted by this pool bar shot!
And finally, tired, I went down to deck 6 to get the long exposure shot of the carousel that everyone keeps taking because I want one for my collection!
So that is everything I want to photograph and share about this ship. As for my trying to leave status, can you imagine being told that something is going to get sorted, but doing a job that takes over your whole life so you can’t dwell on it in the usual way but instead it kind of churns in the back. I think I’m actually going mad, I’ve never seem myself go so happy and so sad so fast before. Jr is actually coming back at the end of next cruise, which is bringing on the happy spurts, but as wonderful as that is I’m actually worse with him here because I can hide behind him all the problems. And most importantly he doesn’t get to see the real me. I know how long I’m prepared to wait now so let’s see. Oh and the retail therapy continues… the iPad is a beautiful thing!!

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