Monday, 24 October 2011

Goodbye Allure and Madelein's Photoshoot

I'm sat in Miami International Airport. There's 40 mins left on my laptop battery because I edited Madelein's photos first so lets see how far I can get with this posting!

I'm on my way to join a new ship, finally. I've been stuck, unhappily, on the Allure for over three months. Except it's not entirely unhappily. I met a guy, as I referred to in a previous blog post, and when he returned from his vacation we saw just how serious this relationship could be. The time I finally got to leave, it was the hardest thing to do, even though this new ship is where I need to be.

I'm joining Celebrity Silhouette in Mallorca tomorrow, flying overnight now. From Mallorca the ship is doing the transatlantic crossing to New Jersey which will be my new home port for 12 day cruises doing mostly the same Caribbean ports I already know. This ship is only 2800 passengers and supposedly a much higher standard but I will wait to get there to blog about the new ship!

So before I left the Allure I wanted to do a Photoshoot in the style of the Picture This studio on board because it is my main interest. The Picture This studio is about private photography on board using the beauty of the ship and/or locations as the theme to create 'art' photography rather than our standard 'McDonalds' photography! My friend Madelein wanted pictures of herself to send to her girlfriend so we found the time to fit in a shoot this week.

Here's the pictures I've enjoyed working on so far...

This is my style, my way, the way I see it I guess. Starting in Central Park.

Madi  001

Madi  002

Madi  003

Madi  004

Madi  005

Madi  006

Madi  007

Madi  008

Madi  009

Madi  010

Madi  011

Madi  012

Onto the boardwalk area

Madi  014

Madi  013

I've heightened this image in a weird way making seem unreal which I quite like! Generally this image is a disappointment because in the back it should say Allure of the Seas but we weren't able to do the shoot as late as we would've liked and the sun is blowing out the whole of that background!

Madi  015

Madi  016

Madi  017

Madi  018

Madi  019

This last one is in the Casino. It isn't actually the last, there are more I could make good but these are the ones I'm most interested in! Surprisingly I haven't picked anything with a sea view even though I have them. Clearly my style preference is pretty urban!

Eeek 11 mins to go. Let's get this online and I will blog again soon, I hope, about my new ship!
Oh no I failed to post before my laptop died! Now I'm in Madrid on my iPad! Which although I love to bits isn't ideal for blog posting, preview isn't working so I'm just going to post.... here goes!