Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Celebrity Silhouette: The Photostory Part One

So, I'm nearing the end of the first Caribbean cruise on Silhouette and I've managed to take some pictures but there's a lot more to follow I expect.

These pictures were taken whilst at port in St Lucia. For some reason a lot of guests didn't get off the ship so I just couldn't get everything and then when I went inside I discovered I really needed a flash so gave up!

So anyway I started from the top, this is the sky lounge, used for all kinds of events onboard it's a lot bigger than this, this is just the middle area. There are views all round.

Silhouette  001

Step out of the sky lounge and overlook the pool deck (there's also a solarium underneath me here but it was too busy to photograph)

Silhouette  002

Forwards and up to deck 15 to the lawn, yes, that is real grass! Allure didn't have grass, lol!

Silhouette  003

On the edges of the lawn are these 'alcoves' that you pay extra to have for a day and get extra service I understand.

Silhouette  004

Underneath the lawn, back to deck 14 is the guest buffet, Oceanview, that was absolutely packed so here's the view out the back. We are allowed to sit and eat here and the view the other night of the moon lighting up Nevis and St Kitts was amazing.

Silhouette  005

OK and to finish the parts of the ship I photographed for this blog post the following locations are part of the main elevator shaft going down from the back of the ship. This is by far the most impressive section! You get the pool deck, then the library, then the card room...

Silhouette  006

Looking up...

Silhouette  007

Details of the library

Silhouette  008

The hideaway is underneath that with a real tree floating in the middle!

Silhouette  009

So it's hideaway, which I need to photograph in more detail as you can't see it properly. Then deck 6 Celebrity iLounge because of course Celebrity are an authorised reseller of apple products and EVERYTHING is powered by apple including my cabin TV! Then decks 5, 4 and 3 are my final picture, the atrium with all the main bars and lounges surrounding it this area is centre for events and bands play in that first circle.

Silhouette  010

So that is all for now but there is so much more.

On a whole I'm doing good. Funny thing this cruise is I met the cruise critics guys on board on day two and met a couple who read this blog! Just today we docked with Explorer in St Maarten and I met up with my old Assistant Manager of Sales which is a lovely surprise (I wish we could dock with Allure one day so I can see those friends or Navigator actually!) and we took a lovely picture so I'm throwing this one in too. Bye for now.

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