Saturday, 21 January 2012

Sol: Deep Blue Practice Shoot

Honesty I just keep forgetting to copy the pictures over to my laptop, that's why I've not blogged sooner, it's not like I've not been online.

So I've been DBS for quite a while now on Celebrity Silhouette, my 6 months on this contract is long up, and I'm waiting for head office to confirm when I can go home.

But I'm very behind on my DBS blog updates! So starting from the beginning, these are pictures I took during training with Gary. To explore the ship and the side of 'DBS' style that I like. I've learned a lot since I've been doing this and can really create sell-able pictures now as I can prove with a shoot I recently did with a photog who just signed off, Cata. But that blog post is to come, first, the early stages:

This is Sol, my cabin mate from Argentina. She dressed up for me to do this test shoot but I owe her another one because I'm better now!







And this is Tommy, also from Argentina. This 2nd shoot was quick during the day (in photog uniform) because I wanted to try daytime images.


Urm my pictures aren't in order!







So there you have it, my first step into the Deep Blue. You can see the style we're aiming for and as I can't share guest images I'm going to share everything that I can!

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