Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Deep Blue Studios: Cata

My favourite time to write blog posts- at the airport! I am finally going home and can't quite believe it! What an 8 months this has been, moving ships and then changing job. This last cruise was best ever for my Deep Blue Studio sales and I'm sure it ties in with my improving photography. I'm very excited to start sharing the recent stuff on here.

Cata is from Chile and was a photog who quit. I did photo shoot with her as a leaving present. Obviously I can't share guests pictures but these you can enjoy. Cata is currently on my display wall and therefore living on, on a ship where she was much loved.












I have so much more to share now I am on vacation!

However vacation is not for long, turns out my operations manager wants me to carry on establishing the studio on Silhouette and is asking me back after 6 weeks. I need at least 7 because I'm coming back to the US to cruise, to visit my boyfriend but then I can come back. This new position is good, on great team, on an amazing ship. If only it actually made money, everyone would want to do it!

I've written this before... I'M HOME, if you want to see me, let me know ;) I'll be posting much more soon.

Sunday, 5 February 2012

The Future of Cruise Photography?

Greetings from Antigua! Next cruise I'm coming home woooooooooooooooo! And will catch up with my postings then of course. But right now I need to bring your attention to something. This guy Vas was doing exactly what I am doing, and like all cruise ship photographers ;) he has big dreams! We talk about it with guests everyday, stopping the endless printing of the pictures, saving the planet etc etc. And as much as I'm sure it's being considered, Vas is being very pro active about so I'm supporting him.

Just watch this video, visit his site and spread the word for me so that he can hopefully be heard by the right people.

rci2 from Aegean Films on Vimeo.

Thanks all!