Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Silhouette: The Performers

I've been home for nearly two weeks now and what a busy bee I've been! I've been taking pictures because I've really found the love again now and my blog is not even slightly up to date!

I absolutely hate it when my pictures go on Facebook before my blog because I don't feel I get my chance to express myself properly. But since I've been home there's pictures I really want people to have so they have to go up!

So this catch up post is pictures of the performers on Silhouette, I put them up on Facebook because some of these people came home the same date as me so I want them to be able to share them with their families.

Basically what happened is I didn't have any shoots, I was about to sign off and the photo department was fully staffed, so I started disappearing to go shoot things because if you've been following my blog you'll know shows are one of my favourite things!

The first thing I went to was the 70s night in the sky lounge. This proved impossible to shoot as there's nowhere good to stand and it is incredibly dark! Here's two images that are ok.



Next up, but I don't remember when I took them exactly, is the acapella group- Aquadio. One of the benefits of my position is that if something random needs photographing they send me! So Aquadio needed 'promo' shots of performing and cleaner ones on the white background. This is what we got:




Ok the next show I tried to photograph was Celebrity Rox. This is a party on the pool deck but it features a production cast show. I managed to get myself on the bridge right in the middle to try and get good shots:









These pictures are good but then in a moment of pure boredom I happened to get my best pictures! Because the thing was I'd already discovered the Sky Lounge is a rubbish place to take pictures but the singers were doing a Cabaret up there and I really had nothing better to do! However when I got up there they had two spot lights set up for it- amazing! My best pictures by far:










These pictures are just so clear and emotive because of the lighting, I was trying to show the AV guys the difference the lighting makes but I don't think they cared!

Following the Cabaret the party band Sipra continued the entertainment. I love these guys, they work so hard compared to the other musicians and are so very talented, any random request and they can sing it divided across the group, it's not just Jenisa who sings. So I wanted to get some nice pictures for them and I know they were happy with these!





OK more posts to come about Deep Blue and then onto what I've been doing on my vacation!

Off out in Glasgow now :)

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