Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Lovin' the Allure, not loving jet lag and being in love

It's 4am English time, 11pm Miami time and I'm wide awake, so why not write a blog post!?

I got home yesterday morning from having the most amazing time holidaying on the Allure of the Seas! I mean the sole focus of the trip was to visit Jr, my boyfriend who I've now known 9 months but only been in the same place for 3 months! And when I went into the crew area for the first time again the smell made me sick to my stomach reminding me of being so unhappy working there. However being a guest, and a guest that knows ships was fantastic! I feel very lucky to have been able to experience this. The current photo team on board is wonderful and I loved meeting the new people and spending time with the team (and bringing them guest food!). But I still wouldn't go back to working there myself, that large team just doesn't suit my personality for working (partying is a different matter).

I spent some time with Utku who is currently running the Picture This on board extremely successfully so I now have some more ideas for going back to my Deep Blue Studio. I know the girl covering me on Silhouette is also doing well so hopefully she'll leave me some ideas too! I fly out to join Silhouette again in 2 days, this tiny gap in the middle is very silly but necessary. I've just about finished unpacking and washing two weeks of holiday clothes and now I need to pack 6 months of working clothes! Apart from suffering jet lag I am ready to go back to work and push this studio as much as I can as it crosses to the Europe season. I'm going to be going out of Rome and Venice doing 12/13/14/15 day cruises to the Greek Isles.

Here are some photo highlights from my two weeks cruising the Allure!

Using my right to have as many pictures taken as I want, preferably with friends and particularly Jr!

Turtles and Iguanas at Coral World, St Thomas.

Rum punch after snorkelling a ship wreck in St Maarten.

Doing the Allure zip line over the Boardwalk.

Formal night lobster tails!

A room with a most amazing view.

And yes I am completely in love, leaving him again was the hardest thing so whatever happens in the next few months we've promised each other that the next time we see each other we wont have a reason to be apart again. Getting a Filipino to England looks utterly impossible according to all the online stuff I'm reading so if anyone has any advice and knowledge on this matter let me know (it's not that I wont go to the Philippines, it's that he really wants to come here!)

My next post will come from back on board Silhouette. I hope it continues to be my amazing ship, I'm definitely looking forward to seeing some old friends.

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  1. That's so nice you found love onboard! I didn't have the same lucky, just some "troubles" with an english guy lol
    Cruising on Allure sounds like heaven! That's something I really wanna do!
    You probably met Branislav, the crazy serbian photographer! He was my best friend when we were onboard Solstice! And he got transfered to Allure!