Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Return to Celebrity Silhouette and goodbye Carribean

I'm in Antigua for the last time having safely rejoined my ship, Celebrity Silhouette. It's a very strange thing going back to the same ship, almost too easy, it's as if I never left!

Anja, who was covering my studio while I was away, had the same ups and downs with the studio as I did and she tried some stuff and made changes that can only help, as I was desperate for outside input and now I have new ideas myself to implement. She also left me with a booking and I sold that package yesterday, which was a great start and confidence boost!

However everything is about to change and I am intentionally out on land right now because this is going to be the last time for a while! Because I just arrived I haven't done the immigration stuff that means I can go out in the US. So the last port of this cruise tomorrow is a US one. Then it's 3 sea days to New York, where I don't imagine I'll bother with immigration or go out, and then it's 6 sea days of crossing the Atlantic before arriving in Portugal on our way to our new home of Rome! I'm expecting a rough crossing so I will be very glad of land again!

As a result of the crossing I don't expect much photographing and so no blog posting. And then in the Med it's all change. And change is what I need. So I will update as soon as possible!

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