Thursday, 14 June 2012

Celebrity Silhouette: Europe Panoramas Part 3


I'm in Catania, Sicily. Last time I was here I was taking those Mt Etna pictures from my last blog post but now I'm at a nice cafe with fast internet catching my lovely blog up on all the ports I've been to so here goes. Remember all the pictures are being hosted through my Flickr account so just click on them to see the larger version there.

Flickr has organised my files in alphabetical order so we're starting with Bari, Italy. I didn't actually go out in Bari, I took this from the ship as always. Next time the ship goes to Bari my Mum is coming on board for 3 days and I am VERY excited! I've been on ships almost two years now and she has never even seen a cruise ship, so now is the time!


Next up the sunny island of Corfu and the one and only time I will be going there. I went out for lunch with friends here and explored the little markets streets and it was very hot!


I achieved this next image, postcard perfect of the old walls of Dubrovnik, by getting myself onto the cable car tour. The first time I went to Dubrovnik I saw the cable and said that's where the best panoramic is and oh look...


And now Slovenia. Koper is where the ship docks and you can see from the first image the tower that mimics that of St Marks in Venice. All along the Adriatic coast there are Venician influences. The second panoramic comes from the medieval highlight of Slovenia, Piran.



Amazing Montenegro and the ship docks in Kotor bay surrounded by fjords. Three panoramics here, from the ship, to the ship, and the famous Island Sveti Stefan. This is a must see tourist destination says me and bunch of websites!




Next is Messina, not far from where I am now. Again I have one view from the ship and sort of one looking to but not including the ship because that view had ugly flats in it!



Last, but not even slightly least is Venice. This image was an experiment as it was taken while the ship was moving. I had to get up early (ish) to catch this on arrival in Venice. I took a few, just in case, but managed to get this view looking directly down into St Marks square because I'm awesome! ;)


So now I only have two more I want to get- Athens and something from Rome. Because we don't actually dock anywhere near Rome this one is proving hardest but I have one chance next cruise so watch this space!

Meanwhile in around ten days I'll be able to reveal some very exciting news...

Also the nice people at are giving me a free photobook if I write about it on here. I used to try out new photo products on here all the time so I'm good with that. I think I'll make my new book as a record of my time on Silhouette. Watch this space for that review!

Bye for now.

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