Friday, 3 August 2012

Celebrity Silhouette: When my name got mentioned in the Mail Online

So I'm working on an important blog posting about leaving ships but meanwhile this happened...

It was right at the end of a long 13 day cruise, Anne Shooter came to the photo gallery and explained that she had been writing a blog for the Daily Mail on board but they had now asked her to put together a paper article and she needs pictures of her and her girls in locations around the ship that really show it is a ship.

Anne writes a food blog for the Mail Online and up to that point that's all she had been focusing on whilst on Silhouette. However Anne wrote the article about the Allure that I had read in the newspaper because my Nana had kept it when she knew I was going to that ship. So it's no surprise I guess that she was then asked to write about Silhouette from a family holiday point of view. And I was really interested to hear her comparison of the two ships. Anne seems to prefer Silhouette for reasons from the food and drinks being considerably better to small things like pool towels just being available, not having the check them in and out.

Following some complicated emails, my company and Celebrity got it all sorted so that I could take her round the ship on the last day and give her a CD of everything.

It was an interesting shoot because Anne really knew what she wanted so there was a lot more showing of the images as taken and retaking than I'm used to. Plus the girls weren't interested at all making the shoot harder!

I'm not sure how me sharing these images works out however I can share this one because it is on Anne's blog:

This, if you read my blog you'll know, is one of my classic locations. It seems to always sell and it was Anne's favourite from the shoot too.

We spent a lot of time by the pool and the lawn but you'll have to wait for the news article, if it happens, to see those.

Following the shoot I had an hour to tidy the images before Anne came and sat with me at my desk. This again was unusual, but I have Lightroom right there if something needed changing so I just exported and burned a CD there with her, no fancy slideshows or CD covers and no special effects or black and white images, just cropping and tidying. As the CD burned she found out more about me, I have a picture of me with my boyfriend on my desk for example, so I guess I stuck in her mind and I was so happy to see my name and picture in her blog. This is the post featuring me.

Keep an eye out for the main story in the paper for me, I wouldn't want to miss it!

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