Friday, 31 August 2012

Janoviv: A cruise ship shoot with a difference

Meet Janoviv,


She works on board Celebrity Silhouette in the Spa. She's from South Africa and before she came to ships she used to do some modelling.

I got to know her on the first day of each cruise when all the revenue departments are put together for an 'expo'. She liked my pictures and said she needed to update her portfolio.

So, on my very last cruise we put down a time. I actually wasn't very well during this shoot but we still got a lot of great images.

We started in the studio and spent a lot of time there as this would be the basic imagery Janoviv would need for her portfolio.


Janoviv wanted a mixture of expressions in her pictures however I have mostly picked the moody as it just works best for her! As does black and white colouring!




A few changes of outfit (a bit more leg).


I LOVE this one below. If I wanted to be a commercial fashion photographer I would put this on my front page with a sexy logo!


And then, because it's not an opportunity to be missed, we also went round the ship, and completely changed the meaning of some of my favourite spots!



I feel like the below picture makes me think of Naomi Campbell, anyone else?




One of my classics!


Here's an angle where a smile worked and didn't lose the interest.


And this last image feels like a still from a Cadbury Flake advert, never before so inspired on Silhouette's grass!


Some great imagery I hope you agree. I have a few more ship stories to share but I'm also madly editing Jonathan and Shelly's wedding pics.

Catch up on here soon...

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