Thursday, 13 September 2012

How I Became "The" Sarah Craig: My Favourite Moment From Last Contract

So now that everything is arranged for Australia I found the motivation to edit some video I had been planing to share with you.

The creation of "The" Sarah Craig left me grinning for months so watch the video and you'll understand...

These are edited highlights from the Daily Show broadcast to all the rooms on board Celebrity Silhouette. Once a cruise it came from the Photo Gallery with the intention of promotion and the wonderful cruise director Paul just started calling me "The" Sarah Craig until it caught on. If he passed me in a corridor he would say "the" as he walked by. And then being interviewed and talked about, guests talking to me about the show and so on, really did leave me smiling during a tough contract.

It's very nice to end my writings on ships with the highlight of the last 5 months.

And now I have my working holiday visa for Australia and my flights are booked. In just over two weeks time I'm off again on a new adventure. And I've decided to do it with the support of the lovely people at Ultimate Oz who will find me new friends, work and accommodation as best they can. Check out Ultimate Oz and the 7 day Sydney programme I'm doing starting October 8th, and if you happen to be going too, get in touch.

Exciting times...


  1. THE Sarah Craig, how can we forget that?! It was amazing. I remember when we started joking about THE Sarah Craig Chronicles that night in Mingles. :P Seeing the videos was a good trip to the past, thanks for sharing!

    Good luck with your endeavours in Australia, we'll keep in touch!

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