Sunday, 14 October 2012

Welcome to Sydney: Ultimate Oz Part 2

At the end of part 1 I left you with pictures of sandboarding because that was really good fun!

That happened part way through our only full day at the Port Stephens hostel. The hostel looked like this:


It reminded me of my time doing Camp America because of having to walk through forest to get to bathrooms or social areas!

So that afternoon after the sandboarding we climbed a big hill in order to get this view over Port Stephens...


Here's a picture of the group at the top of the hill.


And as the sun was setting and we stared out to sea, amazingly we saw a family of whales. My powerful compact canon's zoom did a reasonable job to trying to capture what we saw!


The next day, following on the nature watching we went on a very successful, but extremely cold, dolphin cruise!


Look at all those dolphins in the wild, much nicer than swimming with captive ones in the Caribbean I think.

Dolphin watching was followed by fresh fish and chips :)


And then a long journey back to Sydney.

The final day of activities was yesterday, Saturday. We met for a walk from Coogee Beach to Bondi Beach which was good fun and involved some interesting stop offs like this hole in the rock.


And then the view of famous Bondi beach.


And that night we joined a party bus for a night out in Sydney. We caught the end of the Darling Harbour fireworks, never imagined so many people could be squeezed into a bus and got painted tribal style!


And now it's Sunday. I'm doing laundry and looking for places to live and jobs at apply for! The extreme fun is over but I'm still happy to be finding a life in Sydney and have new friends to go out for dinner and exploring with.

As I'm sure you can tell I highly recommend starting your adventure in Australia with Ultimate Oz!

Thursday, 11 October 2012

Welcome to Sydney: Ultimate Oz Part 1


So after a few days on my own in Sydney to catch up on awesome photo opportunities like this one, I have started my Arrival Package that I bought with the company Ultimate Oz.

The arrival package is a week of fun that I'm in the middle of right now so here's what we've been doing...

Day one meet the group and go on a walking tour of the city.


Make like minded friends instantly!


Feeding Cockatoos in the Botanical Gardens!


That night was followed by a welcome dinner.

Day two was an amazing harbour cruise all afternoon. It was cold but thankfully sunny!



On Day three we had time in the morning to sort out bank accounts and stuff and then we took the bus for our three hour trip to Port Stevens and our home basecamp, a more rural hostel with a domestic kangaroo and local beach for camp fires!



Now basecamp is where all the fun is at! Even though it's all cold and a bit miserable we went sandboarding!!


This was how we got there... Incredible location!


And in a location that is supposed to be one of the most shark infested waters in the world we hunted for pippi shells which we then raced (which one disapears back into the sand first)!




So this is day four and it's still going on! We didn't just sandboard today we saw whales too but that can wait for the next posting! To finish part one, a picture of fun in the sand!


Much more awesomeness to come in part two!

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Hello Sydney!


I am now writing to you from the other side of world. This is day 4 of my being here and I seem to have recovered from losing days and horrible long flights.

In fact today I went to the place that all the books say I need to go to for the best view and I took a panoramic. Which gives me the chance to write a blog post!


As always, click on it to see it bigger. A bit different to Europe don't you think? Although still beautiful blue skies.

In terms of the weather though, yesterday it was wet and rainy and cold. As you can see in the picture, today it's sunny again but not particularly warm. When I arrived it was really hot though. So basically the weather here is a lot more changeable than the Caribbean. You really have to check the forecast!

Tomorrow my Ultimate Oz starter programme begins with a walking tour and dinner. Can you believe to this point I've kind of being exploring the less trodden path to make sure I enjoy the stuff to come.

I also seem to have got myself a job interview already because I am keen to work, so I filled out some forms, but now I have to fit that in around the craziness of next week.

Should be fun though.

I'm still kind of overwhelmed that I'm on the other side of the world, it's something I always I wanted to do!