Sunday, 7 October 2012

Hello Sydney!


I am now writing to you from the other side of world. This is day 4 of my being here and I seem to have recovered from losing days and horrible long flights.

In fact today I went to the place that all the books say I need to go to for the best view and I took a panoramic. Which gives me the chance to write a blog post!


As always, click on it to see it bigger. A bit different to Europe don't you think? Although still beautiful blue skies.

In terms of the weather though, yesterday it was wet and rainy and cold. As you can see in the picture, today it's sunny again but not particularly warm. When I arrived it was really hot though. So basically the weather here is a lot more changeable than the Caribbean. You really have to check the forecast!

Tomorrow my Ultimate Oz starter programme begins with a walking tour and dinner. Can you believe to this point I've kind of being exploring the less trodden path to make sure I enjoy the stuff to come.

I also seem to have got myself a job interview already because I am keen to work, so I filled out some forms, but now I have to fit that in around the craziness of next week.

Should be fun though.

I'm still kind of overwhelmed that I'm on the other side of the world, it's something I always I wanted to do!

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